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Luxury Alternatives to the Emirates Chauffeur Service

When flying first or business class on Emirates, one great perk is access to their complimentary chauffeur service in many destinations. An Emirates chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off in a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes S-Class or a Jaguar. However, some limitations exist with the Emirates service, such as luggage amounts, wait times, or additional passenger pickups. This is where booking an executive car service comes in handy as a premier alternative.

Connect Executive Cars provides personal chauffeur-driven vehicles that rival and even surpass Emirates’ offerings in luxury, convenience and overall passenger experience. As a leading premium ground transportation provider, we give Emirates first-class flyers an upgraded option beyond the basic chauffeur perk.

The Emirates airline offers chauffeur service for their first and business class passengers in many destinations. However, Connect Executive Cars provides an even more luxurious, flexible VIP transfer option.

Emirates Chauffeur Offerings

The Emirates chauffeur service includes pickup and drop-off at the origin/destination in late-model luxury vehicles like a Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7 Series.

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However, some limitations exist with the Emirates service for things like:

  • Luggage amounts
  • Wait times
  • Additional passenger pickups

That’s where an executive car service like Connect can provide enhanced service.

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Connect Executive Car Advantages

Connect offers advantages over the basic Emirates chauffeur service as a premier luxury ground transportation provider.

Fleet Options

Our fleet includes the latest models of Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ford, etc. Clients select preferred vehicles, from luxury cars to Buses and vans.

Personalised Service

You dictate all trip details like timing, extra stops and wait times instead of airline constraints. Further elevate journeys with wi-fi, drinks, etc.

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Five-Star Experience

Professional chauffeurs handle bags swiftly while providing door-to-door service on your schedule. Connect matches elevated experience expected from Emirates air.

Convenient Booking

Avoid hassles pre-arranging with the airline. Book Connect transfers online 24/7 or call our VIP luxury concierge anytime.

For an enhanced airport transfer experience, choose Connect as a distinguished Emirates chauffeur alternative.

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